Airline Representation, Support and Supervision

Welcome to BulAirBase
Founded in 1998. Experienced since 1976

BulAirBase is a Bulgarian airline representation, supervision and support company.

We provide airport management solutions tailored to the specific operational needs of our partners at all Bulgarian international airports.

Through our all-around set of services we make sure crew, passengers, and air carriers' operations departments experience a smooth, coherent process from all preflight arrangements to all post-flight settlements.

Airline Representation & Supervision
All Types of Charter and Scheduled Flights

  • Passenger
  • VIP
  • Military
  • Cargo
  • Technical stop

We take pride in being the Bulgarian representative of choice for many of the leading European airlines. This is because our business model integrates in-depth local knowledge, comprehensive industry contacts and global business acumen.

Flight Assistance & Support
General Aviation - Executive - Military - Ambulance

We at BulAirBase are well aware that the nature of ad hoc aviation is dynamic, constantly changing and extremely competitive, especially if you are faced with local administrative, operational and financial peculiarities.

We specialize in making sure you receive top-tier service at the best possible price rates.

All Bulgarian Locations