Airline Representation

Representation, Administration and Supervision
  • Station administration
  • Supervision and co-ordination of services contracted by the carrier with third parties
  • Station management
  • Administrative and commercial negotiations
  • Liaising with authorities & service providers

Flight Operations
  • Landing permit arrangement
  • Arrangement and delivery of meteorological documentation and aeronautical information for each flight
  • Request and monitoring:
– Air traffic services flight plan
– Carrier slot time allocation with the appropriate ATS
  • Provide crew with the required briefing

Crew Services
  • Arrangement of hotac and crew transportation

Fuel Depot
  • Liaise with fuel suppliers

Catering Services
  • Liaise with the catering supplier
  • Supervision of requisitions made by the carrier

Passenger Services
  • At check-in:
– Collection of excess baggage charges
– Collection of any other services charges from departing passengers
  • In case of irregularity, arrangement and payment for pax accommodation and transportation at agreed price rates

  • Comprehensive flight report for each flight
  • Control of contractual obligations of your service/handling providers
  • Technical audit of airport facilities and procedures
  • Security, safety and emergency response plans assessment
  • Irregularity handling